Where the Domino Fell: America and Vietnam 1945 - 1995

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War has undoubtedly shaped the course of human history. Conflicts, through sheer human nature often arise through disagreement.

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Occasionally these conflicts end with war as opposing sides believe so vehemently in their respective reasonings and doctrinal views. Oftentimes, these war's end with one "victor" and on defeated party, however, in war everyone losses.

follow site The Vietnam War in particular is an example of how war is a zero sum game that only. Each is situated in its own particular political and social era.

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  7. The CW emerged in the post-WW2 years and was inextricably linked with a number of dynamic variables then shaping the global geopolitical spectrum: these variables included the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex,. Given the prevailing view today, though, that the war was an error and achieved nothing except to destroy a lot of lives on both sides, Lind's belief that his view will one day prevail seems disingenuous at best.

    The biases of the time are not as strong today as they were 30 years ago, and yet no real change in how the war is viewed has taken place.

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    The First Indochina War, The Making of a Quagmire, The New Frontier in Vietnam, Planning a Tragedy, Into the Abyss, The Mirage of Progress, Tet and the Year of the Monkey, The Beginning of the End, The Fall of South Vietnam, Distorted Images, Missed Opportunities, A Vietnam War Chronology.

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    Map 1: Indochina, Map 2: Vietnam, to Map 3: Major battles of the Tet offensive, January Reviews " Where the Domino Fell is a very well informed and well documented critique of U. From the opening years of U.