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The day was cloudy and much cooler than day Three and everybody was thinking that the halfway point had now been passed. It grew steadily darker yet was only just coming up to midday with over three hours to go to the end of the day when the Heavens literally opened up and torrential ran fell. Was this a cloudburst sent from UK? The thought went through my mind that this was somewhat different to the first six day held here in when the temperature nudged 30 most days and the only rain fell soon after the Finish!

This is what six day racing is all about.

Coffey strikes in an instant to boost Rush -

At noon on Day 4 Wolfgang passed kms. Hans-Jurgen on kms.

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Seigi on kms. Claude had dropped out, also Lucio of Italy; it is always sad to see such great runners forced to abandon but there is always another day! The ladies continued to make progress with Edit of Hungary now 4th. Overall wth kms.


Overall and 2nd. On Mittwoch there was a visit of a singing group who livened up the proceedings followed by a guitar group, both very acceptable. I met Martina again whom I had met previously and she sang me a song which gave me a break from going round the track! Day 5. The weather was definely warming up and I think that Television arrived and spent some time at the track, not absolutely certain as I was losing track of time!

This happens when one is enjoying oneself!

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Do remember soaking my cap under water to keep cool and remembering to drink frequently. More massage today as my back s beginning to play up, it is as though somebody has taken away several vertebrae and replaced them with acute pain; still it will soon be the last day! With an hour to go to the end of the day Wolfgang seemed to be in an unassailable position but you can never tell! He was now on kms.

Was kms. Hans-Jurgen still stuck to his task on kms.

These positions seemed to be probables now! Martina had now moved into the lead in the Ladies race now on kms. Elke, in her first 6 day was 3rd. Day 6. Now the weather was set fair to become hot and cloudless, this required thought about sunburn, drinking, etc. Hour after hour passed.


Meals taken and a final night to survive; at least there was the prospect of the highlight of the night, a beaker of the most gorgeous hot soup which gave extra energy to tired bodies, the thought in the mind was just to go round the track and achieve the minimum requirements to stay in the race! Counting off the number of laps still required, at one moment moving well then suddenly all energy had gone, should one sleep, did one have enough time?

The last Breakfast came and went, so did the last Dinner and still all the helpers had cheerful smiles. Crowds had begun to gather and were cheering every runner on; this reminded me of earlier times when the Summer Football School of small boys came onto the track to call out the names of runners and urge them on with some kind of Mexican wave! Two great things happened on the last day. Helga Backhaus from Gifthorn came to the track to encourage everybody, also Renata Nierkens, a great German Six Day runner of former years also turned up, both made my day.

There was now just over an hour to go and the word was out that Wolfgang would break the km. I think that we all stopped at the km.

Coffey's letter to judge raises serious questions about his judgment

Suddenly somebody at the Start indicated that I had another 7 laps to go to get to kms. This spurred me on and every lap she counted down how many to go. Finally it was accomplished and a bottle of wine was thrust into my hands; not time to drink it then as only 20 minutes left but I felt that I was now King for the Day; then it was all over!!

Wolfgang did kms. Hans-Jurgen 2nd.

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What performances End of day 6. At last it is all over, no more running, shuffling, walking, suffering or waiting for the end; there is a wonderful realisation that it is all over and everyone is a winner in their own right. It will be easier to track…. I push my spectacles down to the end of my nose, examining your answer. Well done! D is the correct answer. A gold star for you. Actually I just did it because I like you and I wanted to spare you…. But, tomorrow, there is a public hearing in which you, dear Anchorage resident, may make your voice heard anyway.

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