There Was Always a Cat: Memories of My Early Life—the Cats I’ve Loved and Who Have Loved Me

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She also wrote for a year and half for another local newspaper until it ceased publication. She also writes the monthly newsletter for her office. She has a severe case of wanderlust and would jet off overseas or take a road trip with her daughter in a heartbeat. She has a passion for reading, cross-stitching and collecting recipes and has recently become slightly obsessed with freezer cooking and preparing make-ahead meals. Mimi lives in Pascagoula, Mississippi with her teenage daughter Madeline and two black rescued cats. She works as a paralegal at a downtown law firm by day and writes at night.

Like Like. Mimi, I love your post—and your daughter and your babies! This is great! I do think they usually choose us, and black kitties are so special. Great post.

What happens to my cat’s behaviour as he or she gets older?

I love black cats, too. I still have about 7 or 8 to read in the original Familiar series. They are great! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Search for: Search. Date: August 17, Author: familiarlegacybooks 9 Comments. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading What a fabulous post—and what a big heart you have, Mimi. Thank you Carolyn.

In My Cat's Death, a Human Comfort - The New York Times

Thank you Michelle. I agree — I think they do choose us. Congrats on your black cat. We feel so lucky to have him as ours and we hope he feels the same. Cats are very independent and know to clean themselves regularly so, if anything, I think most men could learn a thing or two from cats. They make everything that little bit better and when I go away with work or on holidays, not having them around does make me sad. I live alone and also work shifts but he always gives me a nice welcome when I get in.

He particularly likes to sit with his paws on my feet and also sleeps on the bed at night. In return, she'll probably play-fight us, eat and sleep! When we first got him at four months old he would sit on lap during the day while I wrote. Each morning he lays on my chest till I get him breakfast and in the evening he comes to eat when we eat. The children named him because he has four white paws, I wanted to call him Hobson after John Gieldud's character in the film Arthur, but the kids won!

Shane Bagshaw 46 has a cat called Baby which Cats Protection is helping him to care for. I do have some cats that bug me, I have to admit it. My two cats… Taner: Two? Lynea: Yes, I only have two cats [laughter breaks in the room]. Some cats are super needy. Some people say that Tortoiseshells or Calicos are all bad cats, you know. Everybody has their experiences from when they were younger and they call that over and think that all cats fall in to that same distinct rule. There are good Calicos and there are bad Calicos.

We have two tortoiseshells at home, they look identical but with completely different personalities. Taner: Strange superstition. Do you know how it came about? Witches and black cats, that became a superstition. Trudy: Is this the house that you grew up in?

Hilary Fannin: The cat’s mother

I call him the drama queen [he barks]. Well, after I graduated I was in college and moved to Fresno and then I lived in Fresno for eighteen years.

Cat Lullaby - a song of goodbye

I got married, divorced. Wanted to live by the water and bought this house. Single, no kids and except for square foot 5 bedroom home on 6 acres. I call it a gross error in judgement. There was a dance floor, a wet bar, a swimming pool, all the things that a nice single 37 year-old would love. Then in March of is when I started rescue. Taner: These are all rescued cats and no breeders?

Lynea: Yes, we try to send our cats out.

We trade with other organizations from San Diego to Canada. Two days ago we sent probably twenty to Canada. So for every unadoptable cat they bring us, which could be like that one with the injured eyes, they would take about 5 adults or 25 kittens. Taner: So this is a no-kill facility. Lynea: We are a no-kill and Fresno County is high high kill. So none of the little towns around here take cats, they just leave them on the streets. We are a third world country when it comes to how we treat them. Trudy: Do you think that the new cats when they come here really sense that this is like heaven for them?

Lynea: When the new cats come there are some that are very timid and those take a long time to adjust. And then there are those that have to adjust to the number of others and they have to learn. This one would run and the other one only had three legs so… [laughter in the room]. Trudy: They must have been speaking the same language. How is it that there are so many international cats ending up in here? Lynea: Especially the ones from the Middle-East, some of them, they pay us to take them.

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But the ones from Oman and Kuwait, there were American expatriates working there and they saved them. Then they had to leave their countries and I brokered deals for them to send me other rescues.

Coping With the Loss of a Cat Can Be Devastating

That was the same with the ones from Kuwait, they came from a fish market. We are doing the same right now for Egypt. Taner: Do you receive any support or funds from the government? Is this all self-financed? Lynea: The first seven years that was all out of my own pocket, that was my retirement expense. I went to work for a vet to learn how to do it for three years so I could get a discount.