The Strawberry Mousse (A Culinary Catastrophe - #2)

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  7. The Veggie Polyglotographer. Switzerland switzerland. Meatless Mediterranean. Marinated Feta. Broccoli and Rice Cakes. Halloween Cheese Claws. Good Food Marsh. In search of BAErritos [day 2]. Ireland fields a hour ration pack somewhat similar to that used by the British. It is packed in a large ziplock plastic bag and contains two pre-cooked main meals and items to be eaten throughout the day. Included are: instant soup, ramen noodles, an oatmeal block, a high-energy protein bar, both brown and fruit biscuits, sweets, and a selection of beverage mixes.

    Breakfast bacon and beans or sausage and beans is packaged in a retort pouch while dinner Beef Casserole, Irish Stew, Chicken Curry, or a vegetarian main course comes in either a flat tin or microwaveable plastic tray. Desserts consist of a retort-pouched dessert chocolate pudding, syrup pudding, fruit dumplings , a Kendal mint cake, and a roll of fruit lozenges.

    Beverages include tea bags, instant coffee, hot cocoa, and a powdered isotonic drink mix. Also included are a pack of tissues, a small scouring pad, matches, water purification tablets, salt and pepper packets, sugar, dry cream powder, moist towelettes, and individual packets of foot powder. Italy uses the "Razione Viveri Speciali da Combattimento," consisting of a heavy duty brownish-green plastic bag with three thin white cardboard cartons inside one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner , each containing meal items plus accessories.

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    There are seven menus, called "modules", identified by colors: yellow, red, grey, green, white, pink and blue. Typically, breakfast consists of: a chocolate bar, fruit candy, crackers or sweet bread, instant coffee, sugar, and a tube of sweetened condensed milk. Dinner will consist of two more meal cans plus crackers, an energy bar, instant coffee, and sugar. Accessories are: a folding stove, fuel tablets, water purification tablets, toothpick, matches, and three small disposable toothbrushes with pre-applied tooth powder. The Netherlands version of the hour ration, the "Gevechtsrantsoen," Combat ration includes canned or retort pouched items, plus hard biscuits, jam, cheese spread, 3 cans of meat spread and 1 can of tuna spread, a chocolate bar, a roll of mints, instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemon-flavour energy drink powder, instant soup, a vitamin pill, and supplementary items.

    The ration pack provides breakfast and lunch only; the two canned or pouched main meals are issued separately. The Swedish armed forces use ration packs from the Swedish developers 24 hour meals. The Swedish concept combat edition consists of several versions for different use, in all climate zones, and various types of missions. Examples of different types of rations: 1-course patrolration , 2-course, 3-course and 4-course versions with a variation of 40 different meals, both wet and dry.


    The rations varies from kcal to kcal. The ration is packed in a transparent durable plastic bag that is resealable with a ziplock. The contents are 1—4 main meals with energy bars, protein bars, nuts, energy drinks, wholewheat bread, peanut butter, desserts and spices for example.

    Strawberry Mousse I Eggless Strawberyy Mousse Recipe I No Gelatin Stawbeery Mousse dessert

    The durable bag change size depending on the version for optimal space usage in cartons and soldiers' backpacks. Norway utilize a hour ration pack Norwegian "feltrasjon" designed by Drytech, consisting of 2 freeze-dried main meals, a packet of compressed breakfast cereal, packets of instant soup, and supplements. These are packed in 3 green polylaminate bags labelled "Breakfast," "Lunch," or "Dinner," overwrapped in clear plastic and issued as one day's ration. Depending on the soldiers activity, the rations are delivered in two different sizes.

    Cheesecake, Plain New York Style - Recipe File - Cooking For Engineers

    Either kcal [5] or kcal. There are 7 completely different menus, and ongoing development to meet different nations requirements. Small tins of fish are often provided separately. However, in its most frequent form it is not dietary complete, and is intended only as a stop-gap measure to be issued until the normal supply lines with their field kitchens are established and the hot food delivery started, to be issued for no more than six days straight.

    Russian Ministry of defence does not strictly prescribe the contents of the ration, only some basic packaging and inventory requirements, so every producer issues their own version. The Spanish Army issues an individual meal pack, available in 5 different menus, comprising a small cardboard box overwrapped with drab green polyethylene.

    Inside are 3 canned meals, plus accessories. Crackers or bread are issued separately. The 12 hour operational ration pack ORP is designed for patrolling for durations of 4—12 hours and for is suitable for remote guard posts, drivers and as a supplement to normal rations for where daily calorie expenditure is likely to exceed kcal 25, kJ for instance, troops undergoing arduous duties. The 12 hour ORP contains a main meal packed in a retort pouch, a number of snack items, drink powders and a flameless ration heater FRH. However it does not contain any hot beverage items.

    There are 10 menu choices including one vegetarian. Packed inside a small cardboard box, each ration has enough retort-pouched and canned foods to feed one soldier for 24 hours. All ration packs also contain Oatmeal Block, Fruit Biscuits , Biscuits Brown a more compact alternative to bread , a sachet of instant soup and jam or yeast extract a Marmite like spread for a lunchtime snack, and chocolate in the form of a specially made Yorkie bar which is flatter than civilian bars, or, more recently, a simple unbranded bar of milk chocolate , though this has been phased out with the introduction of the more recent multi-climate ration packs, and boiled sweets hard candy for snacking whilst on patrol, or in free time.

    Regardless of their contents, these ration packs are referred to as Rat-Packs or Compo short for Composite Rations by the soldiers who eat them. In addition to containing the hour ration, the outside of the cardboard box has a range card printed on its side for use by the soldier to record key features and their range from their position.

    Other variations designed for specific environments exist. The Jungle ration is designed for use by the special forces and other specialist units. The Cold Climate Ration CCR is a specialist and lightweight, high calorie 24 hour ration designed for use by troops above the snow line or in the high Arctic. It comprises mainly dehydrated main meals with a range of snacks designed to be eaten on the go. The UK also fields a larger pack of rations intended to feed ten soldiers for 24 hours from centralised but basic preparation; generally similar in content to the single issue ORP but tending to contain larger quantities of food in cylindrical tin cans to be divided up on preparation, rather than individual retort pouches or packets.