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Sexual themes are common in werewolf fiction; the protagonist kills his girlfriend as she walks with a former lover in Werewolf of London , suggesting sexual jealousy. The writers of Wolf Man were careful in depicting killings as motivated out of hunger. The wolf in the fairy tale " Little Red Riding Hood " has been reinterpreted as a werewolf in many works of fiction, such as The Company of Wolves by Angela Carter and its film adaptation and the film Ginger Snaps , which address female sexuality.

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Nineteenth century Gothic horror stories drew on previous folklore and legend to present the theme of the werewolf in a new fictional form. In another, Wagner the Wehr-Wolf by G. Reynolds , we find the classic subject of a man who, although a kind-hearted man himself, accepts a deal with the devil to become a werewolf for 18 months accompanying Dr. Faustus and killing humans, in exchange for youth and wealth. Stevenson's Olalla offers more explicit werewolf content, but, like Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde , this aspect remains subordinate to the story's larger themes.

A rapacious female werewolf who appears in the guise of a seductive femme fatale before transforming into lupine form to devour her hapless male victims is the protagonist of Clemence Housman 's acclaimed The Were-wolf published in The twentieth century saw an explosion of werewolf short stories and novels published in both England and America.

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The famed English supernatural story writer Algernon Blackwood wrote a number of werewolf short stories. These often had an occult aspect to them. American pulp magazines of the to s, such as Weird Tales , include many werewolf tales, written by such authors as H. Howard made his own contribution to the genre in " Wolfshead ". The most renowned werewolf novel of the twentieth century was The Werewolf of Paris by American author Guy Endore.

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This has been accorded classic status and is considered by some to be the Dracula of werewolf literature. In cinema during the silent era, werewolves were portrayed in canine form in such films as The Werewolf and Wolf Blood The first feature film to portray an anthropomorphic werewolf was Werewolf of London in not to be confused with the film of a similar title , establishing the canon that the werewolf always kills what he loves most.

The main werewolf of this film was a dapper London scientist who retained some of his style and most of his human features after his transformation. However, he lacked warmth, and it was left to the tragic character Larry Talbot played by Lon Chaney Jr.

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This catapulted the werewolf into public consciousness. Even a man who is pure in heart And says his prayers by night May become a wolf When the wolfbane blooms And the autumn moon is bright. The process of transmogrification is portrayed in such films and works of literature to be painful. The resulting wolf is typically cunning but merciless, and prone to killing and eating people without compunction, regardless of the moral character of the person when human.

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Lon Chaney Jr himself became somewhat typecast as the Wolfman and reprised his role in several sequels for Universal Studios. In these films the werewolf lore of the first film was clarified. In House of Frankenstein silver bullets are used for the first time to dispatch him. The success of Universal's The Wolf Man prompted rival Hollywood film companies Columbia Studios and Fox Studios to bring out their own, now somewhat obscure, werewolf movies.

The first of these was The Undying Monster produced by Fox in , adapted from a werewolf novel of the same name by Jessie Douglas Kerruish, published in More recently, the portrayal of werewolves has taken a more sympathetic turn in some circles.

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With the rise of environmentalism and other back-to-nature ideals, the werewolf has come to be seen as a representation of humanity allied more closely with nature. Author Whitley Strieber previously explored these themes in his novels The Wolfen , in which a non-werewolf species of intelligent wolf-like creatures are shown to act as predators of humanity, acting as a "natural" control on their population now that it has been removed from the traditional limits of nature, and The Wild , in which the werewolf is portrayed as a medium through which to bring human intelligence and spirit back into nature.

The heroic werewolf has also returned via the paranormal romance genre, where wolf-like characteristics such as loyalty are shown as positive traits in a prospective mate. Werewolves have featured a number of times in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its other media tie-ins. The first time a werewolf appeared in the television series was in the Seventh Doctor serial The Greatest Show in the Galaxy during which the young punk girl Mags is shown to have aversion to moon signs and reacted in a violent, animalistic manner to various acts of violence throughout the story.

In the cliffhanger to the third episode, she was seen to transform into a discoloured, ferocious, humanoid depiction of a lupine-like creature when a silvery-blue lighting effect is shone upon her during the climactic act in a circus-ring. A wolf-man appears in the Sixth Doctor story Mindwarp , and the primords in the Third Doctor story Inferno are also lupine in appearance, but in both cases these are induced mutations rather than people who switched between human and wolf forms.

A more traditional werewolf also appeared in the Tenth Doctor episode " Tooth and Claw ". In the Harry Potter series — the most prominent werewolf is Remus Lupin who's portrayed as struggling with his curse and terrified of infecting someone. The series also includes a werewolf villain Fenrir Greyback , who fits more with the older image of werewolves.

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The Potter books, while showing the intense threat the humans transformed to bloodthirsty monsters pose to the population, essentially use werewolves as a metaphor for marginalised groups who have been discriminated against in modern society. In the Animorphs series, the characters can also morph wolves.

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  8. A very popular modern subgenre consists of stories that treat werewolves as separate race or species either science fictional or magical or as persons using magic in order to deliberately transform into wolves at will. By clicking on the button below, you accept the use of cookies by this website.

    You can change your cookie settings at any time by changing your browser settings or contacting your ISP. True to its name, this film did look as if it had a curse on it because it faced so many publicised problems — cast changes in mid-stream, temporary close-downs, re-shooting, re-editing, the departure of key contributors. The two protagonists play a brother and sister, who in reality are a pair of temporary Los Angeles werewolves searching for the dog that bit them. The best scene is where the werewolf makes the opening night of a horror club a real horror show.