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The Japanese informationgatherers. Research Technology Management, Lancaster, v. Experts among uso Business Horizons, Bloomington, V. Outsourcing the IS functions: is it necessary for your organization? Information Systems Management, Boston, V. Counterespionage techniques that work safeguarding proprietary lntormation.

Security Management, Arlington, V. Competitive intelligence: a new benchmarking tool. Management Review, Saranac Lake, V. The role of intelligence in formulating strategy. Who's on the line? HOW to handle an information heist.

Essential too for executives Asia. Asian Business, New York, V. Financial World, New York, V. Thinking machines add new expertise to banking functions: but high cost prevents more widespread use of artificial intelligence.

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Savings Institutions, Wacker, V. Harvard Business Review, Boston, V.

Australia's most senior Catholic George Pell is found guilty

Putting sales on the map using computer-generated maps for planning sales territories. Sales and Marketing Management, Southeastern, V. A job for CIA? Industry Week, Cleveland, V. Business intelligence SAE show coverage by auto motive companies. Automotive Industries, Radnor, V. Luch with confidentiality, ad agencies and the media. Mediaweek, Brewster, v. Strategic intelligence systems: competitive intelligence systems to support strategic management decision making.

Advanced Management Journal, Vinton, V. Espionage - and much more. Keeping an eye on the competition insurers' competitive intelligence program. Technology frontiers go beyond smaller, faster, better.

2010 - present

Business Credit, Columbia, v. Systems need a customer focus. Developing a counter intelligence mind-set. How to be a high 10 company adapting to the information age.

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  • Forbes, New York, V. Votre secrets, Monsier? General Directorate of External Security. Foiling the new corporate spy competitive intelligence; cover story. The new race for intelligence. Fortune, New York, v. Letter from the president: a welcome challenge. China Business Review, Washington, V.

    Cardinal George Pell's barrister: loud, socially progressive and an avowed atheist

    The Economist, London, V. Does CIA have role in toreign market research?

    Marketing News, Chicago, v. Profiling rival decision makers.

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    The Journal of Business Strategy, Boston, v. Corporate ethics should start in the boardroom. Business Horizons, Bloomington, V. Let your fingers do the walking. Management Today, London, p. Should the CIA start spying for corporate Ameriea? Competitor technology intelligence in German companies. Industrial Marketing Management, New York, v.


    DARPA: a big pot of unrestricted money. Bankers Monthly, New York, v. Soviet military satellites offered for civilian use international consortium formed. Taking corporate strategy seriously competitive intelligence and strategic communication. Public Relations Journal, New York,v. The scoop on snoops sleuthing at trade shows. Taiwan companies switch to hi-tech.

    Asian Business, New York, v.

    Security Management, Arlington,v. The intelligence process: a management checklist competitor intelligence. The Canadian Business Review, Ottawa, v. A recipe for business intelligence success. These guys aren't spooks. They're "competitive analysts". After this ad, CIA should take pitches undercover Ebony ad. Advertising Age, Chicago, v. Competitive intelligence: insights from executives. Business Horizons, Bloomington, v.