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Tested on elements long array with 16 times faster results. When used on a scalar or unset value, reset spews warning messages. This is often a problem when accessing arrays generated from HTML form input data: these are scalar or unset if the user didn't enter sufficient information.

[Thaisub/Karaoke] Tiger JK - Reset (Feat. Jinsil Of Mad Soul Child) (Ost. Who Are You - School 2015)

You can silence these error messages by prefixing an at sign to reset , but it is better style to protect your reset and the following array traversal with an if isset. Note that you can't use pointer here. It will reset the iteration counter in this case.

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It works great for true arrays but works unexpectedly on Iterator objects. Note that reset will not affect sub-arrays of multidimensional array. Info: Following code gives a strict warning in 5.

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This should not measured improve performance on large arrays. I had a problem with PHP 5. The problem was in doing a foreach on the parent array PHP was making a copy of the subarrays and in doing so it was resetting the internal pointers of the original array.

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Being that I had many dummy objects representing different data sets I chose to store each data set as a subarray contained within the global object. I'm okay with Mozilla handling my info as explained in this Privacy Policy. Sign up now. Please check your inbox to confirm your subscription. Minimize banner Close banner.

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