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Seventh Special Session on Development and International Economic Cooperation were visibly dejected; they found the CIEC's conclusions falling "short of the objectives envisaged for a comprehensive and equitable program of action" designed to create a new international economic order.

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They noted "with regret" that "most of the proposals for structural changes in the international economic system" and "certain proposals for urgent actions on pressing problems" had failed to receive the rich countries' support. The "Group of Eight" developed countries, in turn, "regretted" that the Conference had not found it possible to reach agreement on "some important areas of the dialogue such as certain aspects of energy cooperation. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Click here to learn more.

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Courtesy Reuters In the early hours of June 3, , the Conference on International Economic Cooperation CIEC came to a battered and confused end - more than a hectic day behind its scheduled final ministerial meeting. They are family ghosts: a fifteen-year-old boy, for instance, who had traded his life to save a sister threatened with kidnapping and rape by pirates.

So the government does to him exactly what he said they did to others. In a country where possessions counted for everything, we had no belongings except our stories. Hoa, who has been deranged by grief over the loss of her husband and two sons in the war that had ended a decade before:. Plus the men want their names sewn on, and their ranks and units.

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Hoa reached under the sewing table and lifted a cardboard box, and when we leaned over the table to peek inside, we saw plastic sandwich bags filled with chevrons and the colorful badges of Vietnamese units. Vividly, the narrator recalls the fanatic Mrs. Although the professor comes to realize that his mind is going, his memories of the mysterious Yen become obsessive.


In an ironic reversal, the wife is astonished to discover that the professor is keeping a notebook about her:. Matters worsening.

Today she insisted I call her by another name. Must keep closer eye on her. She would read with measured breath, to the very end.

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She would read as if every letter counted, page by page and word by word. His characters are emotional convalescents, groping their way to an understanding of their woundedness. He tried to forget the people who had clutched at the air as they fell into the river, some knocked down in the scramble, others shot in the back by desperate soldiers clearing a way for their own escape. Truths about others are no more comforting. At any time, the refugee is likely to be confronted—confounded—by the myopia of non-Vietnamese.

Which you were, of course, could be a matter of context. Her visit is a grand occasion for the family.

It is not what you have written down. It is what you have forgotten, what you must forget.