Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 [H.R. 146]

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It provides for the creation of a panel consisting of federal, state and local officials to address the effects of climate change on water resources and flood management.

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The Act would also require feasibility studies addressing water supplies in Idaho, Arizona and California, and explore water conservation and water supply enhancement projects in Oregon, California, New Mexico, and Colorado. Finally, Title IX attempts to address aging dams and associated infrastructure by, among other things, authorizing appropriations to carry out identified maintenance.

The Delta is the largest estuary on the West Coast, and supplies water to over 20 million people. It addressed various water disputes, including issues over water flows provided to endangered fish. The parties crafted the settlement to achieve two broad goals: 1 a restoration goal, to restore and maintain fish populations in certain areas of the San Joaquin river; and 2 a water management goal, to reduce or avoid water supply impacts to certain long-term water contractors that may result from flows provided for fish in the settlement. Still, the parties require federal funding. Title XII is comprised of many separate acts creating major new programs aimed at increasing scientific knowledge related to ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources and preserving significant coastal and estuarine habitat:.

Forest Service authorizations, including watershed restoration and enhancement achieved by cooperative agreements.

Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009

Title III would also attempt to improve wildland firefighter safety and reduce wildfire management costs. A controversial provision in Title III provides for the withdrawal of over 1. While the potential consequences of the withdrawal on domestic oil supplies are uncertain, Senator Coburn argued that it will cost the United States million barrels of oil. Senator John Barrasso R-Wyo. Geological Survey, put the cost at 5 million barrels. In Title VI, the Act establishes a cooperative watershed management program that will fund water quality and availability studies.

The program is intended to enhance water conservation, improve water quality, and reduce water conflicts. The Act also provides for a five-year Wolf Compensation and Prevention Program that could significantly assist farmers, ranchers, tribes, and wildlife agencies in the Rocky Mountain West that contend with livestock kills by protected predators.

The gray wolf will remain listed in Wyoming due to inadequate state protection. The ocean faces unprecedented threats from climate change and industrial demands.

Opponents, including U. Senator Tom Coburn R-OK , contended that the Act blocks exploitation of certain domestic energy supplies, includes wasteful earmarks, and, with respect to the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act, dedicates an excessive amount of federal money to protect what he views as an insignificant number of endangered fish.

The new data-gathering and research programs in the Act may result in better information for policy makers and the public in future debates.

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One thing that no one disagrees about is that nearly all regions of the country will be impacted in a substantial way by this landmark legislation. Orange Cove Irrigation District , No. Straub et al. Straub, supra. News articles usually tell you the subject of a bill, but seldom mention the bill number.


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Click on the bill number to see congressional actions like who voted for and against it. The word "omnibus" means that congress lumped together a bunch of other bills into a single piece of legislation.

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Rush Holt sponsored lumping everything together, but if you look up "related bills" you will see that other members of Congress sponsored most of the content of this bill. The fact that this is an Omnibus bill means that hearings, references in the Congressional Record , Committee Reports and other related documents are attached to all of the previous bills that were compiled into this one.

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