Lucky 13: A Novella of Suspense

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Certain publishers of very specific genres like Love Inspired, Harlequin will require a set word count or range, but my first bit of advice is to plot out a strong, solid story using time-tested structure, write the book with careful and expert crafting learn to be a great wordsmith and develop your unique voice , and ignore the constraints of word count. Just write a great book.

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Hooray for you — good story tightly written employing appropriate craft is as long as it needs to be. Many of the most popular recent books are well over , words. I just finished Pachinko, which is over pages long, and A Little Life, which is pages long. Readers tell me that they like getting lost in a book. Many readers just want a story that keeps them reading! Not a memoir. However, the good news is: any writer on here can prove Blake wrong. If you think a ,word memoir will make it past the agent, do it! But Blake is trying to give everyone here some guidelines.

No commenter has suggested a , word memoir. Most of Mr. Clearly different editors have different guidelines. Hi Ann, can you give me an example of a published , word novel? So a , word count makes that novel somewhere around 1, pages. So you simply have a better shot of getting published if your novel is under , words. Shantaram David Gregory Roberts , The Mountain Shadow same author , and 1Q84 Murakami are 3 of my favorite recent books and all hover around , words.

Murakami worked up to it.

Roberts probably got lucky that someone took the time to give a first novel of length that kind of attention. Shantara is listed at pages, that puts it around , words. The Mountain Shadow is a little shorter, listed at pages, making that around , words. Even 1q84 is listed at 1, pages, or about , words. All extremely long novels, especially considering most novels I pick up in the New Release scection hover at about 80, or less.

But still a ways away from , words. As you stated the above novels must be exceptional works or extremely established authors, or both, to get published at that length. I think one of the issues people have is mistaking an exception for a rule. Just because an exceptional author gets their , word space odyssey with their goldfish as the protagonist published everyone assumes word counts irrelevant. Page number is a terrible way to estimate word count as it depends on the size of the pages, the font size, the font used spacing, leading etc.

So to be specific — Shantaram is , words. The Mountain Shadow is , words. So yes all are under , words, but barely. Most published books average closer to words per page than The King James Bible is over , words.

I think that editors and publishers have specific expectations about the length of the novel more than readers do. Word count is negotiable. If the publisher has a convincing argument for cutting a passage or two, the book will be shorter. If it has areas that need further explanation the word count will go up. Keep an open mind and make your case. The thing you have to keep in mind is the cost of production.

You may enjoy an page story just as much as a page story, but when you get to the checkout, do you want to have two stories for your money, or one? Uh, no. All this is excellent information to keep for reference, but I am wondering about short stories in an anthology. How many words in an anthology might be economically publishable? How many stories included?

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How many words in an average story included in an anthology? Thanx for your time and trouble. This is a fair beginners number guide. Thank you for all these lovely comments that allowed me to procrastinate for a few more minutes from actually writing.

All of this is very good information. And yes, I do believe having super long manuscripts published as novels is the exception and not the rule. My current manuscript, a family drama with a bit of murder, attempted rape, blackmail, domestic violence, underage sex, illicit drug use etc. Any opinions? As others have said, if the letter is this good, the book must be great. Thoughtful and intriguing query, Mindy. Congratulations on getting an agent. Unapologetically explicit, House of Erotica is only for the spiciest of the spicy romances. They prefer works over 30, words, and if the work is accepted, they will design the cover free of charge.

And yes, I deliberately picked the least steamy titles I could find. Sourcebooks is an independent publisher that takes all genres of work, but Casablanca , their romantic fiction imprint, is currently seeking submissions. They want 85,, words, so make sure you have an epic on your hands before sending it in.

Lucky 13: A Novella of Suspense

One of the criteria is a hook so good it sells the book in the first two or three sentences—so even though your manuscript is long, make sure it catches your readers from page one. Make sure your submission for Written in the Stars follows their specific guidelines and not the generic guidelines from Less Than.

Diversion is looking to open doors for new writers and reignite flames in old writers. They publish many genres, but their romance section focuses on contemporary and historical fiction. Changeling Press accepts a lot of different kinds of fiction. Right now, their call is for contemporary and futuristic romance in a variety of themes, with what they call only one heat level: HOT.

Ankara was founded by four black women interested in getting more voices from women like them. Read their full guidelines and how exactly to submit via email here. Good news: Tule is currently accepting submissions! While not strictly romance they publish other genres of fiction, as long as the protagonist is an LGBTQ character , that is the category they are strongest in. While sometimes closed, Riptide is currently open for unagented submissions. They only list one huge no under their guidelines : No deaths.

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They also happen to be looking for romance, of basically any wholesome genre. Inkspell is looking for interesting, captivating romances with unlikely heroes, werewolves who fall in love, lonely dragons—but also charming cowboys, meet-cute strangers, the hot neighbor next door. They basically want the usual for submissions, but check the guidelines so you have everything down to a tee.

Red Sage is looking for romance, but they want quality writing and plot development as well.

They also want something that they can tell the author was interested in writing, not something the writer is doing for money. He tries to verify its authenticity with several fellow experts, but. The latest from the Clark suspense factory has a spunky New Jersey prosecutor, Kerry McGrath, as its heroine in danger. Kerry has taken an interest in a year-old murder case, in which Skip Reardon had been found guilty of slaying his beautiful This suspense story of a murderer whose victims are found wearing one dancing shoe was a Literary Guild main selection and spent 22 weeks on PW 's hardcover bestseller list, achieving There's something special about Clark's thrillers, and it's not just the gentleness with which the bestselling writer approaches her often lurid subject matter in this one, for instance, there are numerous killings, but all occur off-pag.

This murder-thriller set in Newport, R. Effectively exploiting her canny knack for placing women and children in deadly peril, Clark has pulled out all the stops in her newest effort after Loves Music, Loves to Dance.

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As a child, Laurie Kenyon was kidnapped and abused by a creepy pair Clark's favored theme of endangered kids Where Are the Children? Catherine Dornan is in Manhattan with her two sons When hedge fund billionaire Parker Bennett disappears from his sailboat, he The title piece in this smoothly written collection, the first from the bestselling mystery novelist, is a novella.

Pretty photographer Maggie Holloway begins Clark's latest after Silent Night lying in a coffin buried in a grave, pulling desperately at a string that leads to a bell with no clapper. How she got there is the essence of a convoluted tale of a Clark always has a staunch heroine and a topical story to tell. This time her star is Meghan Collins, a spunky TV reporter who is aghast when, on a hospital assignment, she finds a murdered girl who is her double. The topicality involves a clinic MWA Grand Master Clark assembles a selection of nine previously published tales, including her first published story 's "Stowaway" and one long original tale—begun in but only finished recently—that lends its name to the volume.

Fans of MWA Grand Master Clark will find plenty of intrigue and excitement in this contemporary thriller, which opens with the fatal shooting of Dr. Greg Moran in a Manhattan playground by a shadowy figure known only as "Blue Eyes"—the latter's Clark, author of 27 bestselling novels, has shifted gears and written a memoir that speaks directly to readers. The touching collection of anecdotes begins with a Depression-era childhood in the Bronx lacking in money but rich with love.

Almost two years after someone snatched Alexandra "Zan" Moreland's then three-year-old son, Matthew, from his stroller while his sitter dozed, Zan,. This collection of six mystery stories featuring Alvirah Meehan and her husband, Willy, spent 12 weeks on PW's bestseller list.