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Gluten-Free Living

Only one problem…I bought the food in Orlando, Fl while I was visiting. There is no Aldi in San Antonio, Tx. Just really sad I found an excellent source of GF food, but will not be able to replace my supply. I dare you to give it a try again, you may be surprised at […]. I have been going every week and buying more and different products. Love that they have a lot of organic food also.

On my first visit I bought their livegfree cinnamon raison bagels. They are delicious!

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On my next trip I asked for them and was told they were probably a special and they may not have them again. Is there any way to request them? Thank you.

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I enjoy the Live G free products, my favorite is the pancakes but no longer find them. The bread is pretty good also.


Other likes are the multiseed snack crackers and brownie cookies delish! The prices are great but not always available every week. Had to go to Kroger and Aldi. I just tried their cornbread mix over the holiday. Quite honestly, it is the most delicious cornbread EVER — very sweet and unbelievably moist.

We are the charity for people who need to live without gluten

All 20 of us agreed! In fact, it is so delicious and sweet that I have decided to use it as a dessert base for shortbread and even for cinnamon bread or a berry breakfast bread. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! I will make my own using g-f flour and cornmeal instead. Really good and tasty. First cornbread I actually like. She made them into muffins. I am 70 years old. That should be saying something for this mix. The new store in Richmond, KY has loads of these products and I love all we have tried! That includes the bread white and multigrain , chicken nuggets, shells and cheese, crackers, and pasta. So delicious and economical.

Thank you!!

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