Gentle Waters and Pine Cones Learning to Live a Love Story All Over Again

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Once we knew he wasn't going to eat us we decided to let him join the family of dinosaurs we have in our small world area. We think he'll be very happy with them! We spent the last week of term thinking about Easter and other animals that hatch from eggs, like ducks and chickens. We read the Ugly Duckling and made crispy cake nests for our little chocolate eggs. Some of our nursery children even went on an Easter egg hunt at Borrage House care home. We had so much fun there!

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Happy Easter everyone! We have been at school for a few weeks now and everyone has settled in well. Below you can find out a little more about what we have been exploring in our learning so far! We started the term thinking about ourselves and our families. We painted self portraits, built houses and and talked about our families and friends. We have been exploring how we keep ourselves healthy and fit. We talked about people who look after us such such and doctors, nurses and dentists and we created a doctors surgery in our outdoor roleplay area.

Harvest led us to think about healthy fruits and vegetables we can eat and we shared the stories 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett and 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. The change in seasons led us to explore was 'Autumn' meant. We went on an Autumn walk around school and noticed that the leaves were falling from the trees and that it was getting colder! Our exploration into Autumn led us to learn about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We acted out the Story of Rama and Sita, made and decorated our own diva lamps and we shared our learning with the whole school in sharing assembly.

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The darker evenings led us to think about nocturnal animals and animals that hibernate. We learnt some facts about hedgehogs and owls and some of the children worked hard building different homes for animals to hibernate in. In November we spent some time thinking about remembrance day. We made big poppies using paper plates and we talked about the remembrance day processions that would be happening at war memorials around the country and in Ripon.

The children loved exploring the colder weather, particularly the snow and ice! We went on a Winter weather walk and found all sorts of signs of Winter arriving. For the last few weeks of term we enjoyed learning about the birth of Jesus and preparing for our Foundation Stage Unit nativity performance of 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'.

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We made christmas cards and decorations, enjoyed dancing and the Christmas party and the children baked some gingerbread men to give as gifts! Merry Christmas everyone! I will be leaving with such reat memories of you all! Poem You came into my class, how well I remember.

Sports Day We had a great Sports Day. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us! Thank you for my surprise!! We really appreciate your generosity. The children got to touch and smell natural plants and food which could be used to make essential oils which we added to the bath bombs.

What a lovely morning and the Foundation Unit smelt amazing all day long!! If you have any questions about this activity and would like to know more about essential oils please contact Izzy Anderson or One Happy Village Essentials on Facebook. Learning about minibeasts at Harlow Carr Practising the waggle dance. We practised flying like a bee with our flipper flappers collecting nectar and pollen from flowers and then we did the waggle dance.

Well done for finding bee friendly plants in our outside area. The children really enjoyed this session! We practised being a batsman and a fielder. Even Miss Miller had a go! We had flowers, bridesmaids and rings We looked at the shapes, colours and lines of our subject. We explored mixing colours with support and had great fun!! The results were stunning!!! Fun outside We loved using our mini-me's in Numeracy this week! Cheep cheep cheep, who came to visit us?

Thank you to Borrage House for bringing these special visitors to our class. We are looking forward to a class vote to name your chicks and hope to visit them soon to see how they have grown. Well done Class 1, we were rewarded with free admission tickets for the whole school. The children:- Had a fun Easter egg hunt in the garden. Entertained the residents by singing Easter songs.

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Distributed Easter eggs to the residents. Enjoyed a delicious snack. Thank you to the staff at Borrage House. We hope to visit you all again soon! Chocolate fun!!! Over two days the Foundation Unit have made Easter chocolate nests. It was a great learning experience! The children found some footsteps on the playground. We found a map and went on a exploration around the school until the directions led us back to our playground.

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The children found some silver eggs. The children were so excited by this new arrival. In numeracy this week we have been having fun practising taking away with teddies. They had great fun listening to a variety of Julia Donaldson stories and met a Gruffalo. As a special treat Gill provided juice and biscuits for our snack.

Dont worry morning nursery children, it will be your turn soon.

Thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their time to help Mrs Harland. The children listened to the story 'The Stick Man' and went on his journey through the book. We identified different types of trees. We threw our pooh sticks in the river and then looked at the other side of the bridge to see who won.