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As usual, Simon Vance's narration was superb. This is the fourth book in the "Medicus" series. First I have to say one of the reasons I started this series was the narrator Simon Vance, I always enjoy his reading of a novel, especially historical novels. Each of these book are crime thrillers, set in the time of ancient Rome, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

Also involving the invasion of the British Isles. I am a lover of historical novels and Ruth Downie does a wonderful job with her time lines and her story line. I would recommend, starting the series with book 1 "Medicus", to get the background on the characters, however each book can stand on it's own.

I always find myself hating for each of these books to end. I also suggest, the anyone who has not listened to this narrator listen to a sample that Audible offers, then you will know if you like his style. I suggest that will all books. This book is set in second century A. Gallus Petreius Ruso, medic is now retired from the Roman Army and starting off his married life with Tila.

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The book is more complex than prior books in the series but is balanced with some humor, murder, babies, missing money, and a great deal of information about the making of money in the second century Rome and in Britannia. I found that most interesting part of the book. Simon Vance does a great job narrating the book.

If you enjoy historical fiction about the Roman age this book would interest you. If you haven't, you should start with Terra Incognita, the first of this series that I've found on Audible. It's a fun series and I continue to be amazed at how similar life in the Roman Empire was to life today. Human nature simply remains constant. Great series. Highly recommend! This is one of the top book I have listened to.

Simon makes each person seem so real. Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? Not all of the time - but I did enjoy listening and sometime would sit in my car to hear more of the audio before I came into the house from work or I would drive slower so I could listen to more. How does this one compare? Yes - I look for audios that he has performed. I totally enjoy listing to his voice and the way he changes character. I have now finished all four of Ruth Downie's series. The stories and characters grew better with each volume and I can't wait for the next one.

Simon Vance is a great narrator.

I love the continuing characters that run throughout the four books. I recently listened to the first book in Maddox's SPQR series and was disapointed, having enjoyed the Medicus and his adventures so much. While not "high literature", this was well put together story that entertained me on my commute. The setting was unique, although the underlying thread could have been set in any time period. The narrator is quite good and I would listen to more of his works. I will check out more in this series.

I enjoy most of the books I choose, some are amazing, but these are an absolute treat. The characters are great, the stories are engaging, the historical setting is fun, and Simon Vance is a gem. Trust me! I was a little slow to take to this one, but it drew me in. Having read the first 3 novels of Guis and his travels in Ancient Rome years ago I am glad to become reacquainted with him and wife. Looking forward to reading the rest of the saga. Would you consider the audio edition of Caveat Emptor: A Novel of the Roman Empire to be better than the print version? I haven't read the print version, so can't compare the two.

What did you like best about this story? The bored Empress, Sabina made me laugh. This is the 5th Ruso book I've listened to, narrated by Simon Vance. His delivery is consistently very good but his accent's let him down a bit. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

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Too long to listen to in a oner. I was struck by his genius, his ability to understand an artist, his burning desire to paint, his love of technique, and his ability to move in all strata of society. I wondered if he was really "for real" - but, in the end, I didn't care. I loved being reminded that geniuses live among us. Another favourite character was Jose, Mr.

Perenyi's best friend and partner, who died of AIDs. He was depicted as a devoted and loyal friend without peer - a lovely, gentle soul. Which character — as performed by Dan Butler — was your favorite? I enjoyed the Roy Cohn character and was fascinated by the way in which Mr. Perenyi's life intersected with his. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Absolutely, yes!

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Any additional comments? Read this book for an adventure with some fascinating characters including Andy Warhol through some really interesting times; for a story of New York in the sixties and seventies; and for a master class in art and painting. It's a gem. Reviews question the veracity of Perenyi's story, and I agree that some bits of plot are unlikely, such as a quick transition from being nearly illiterate to reading Dostoevsky.

Still, the story is fascinating and I especially enjoyed hearing the technical tricks involved in forgery. Well read autobiography that captures the irreverant attitude of the times. The author has a talent for description - using just enough but not too much to set the scenes.

Caveat Emptor - Review of Hotel Los Caracoles

So often truth is stranger than fiction and much more interesting - as were the twists and turns in Ken Perenyi's life. He tells everything even bad judgement calls from his youth and young adulthood and ends up sharing a full character study of himself for the reader. The insights into the s NYC art scene are very telling of the times and the generation. Caveat Emptor is a quirky tale about Ken Perenyi's experience as an art forger who passed off dozens? The book begins with some over-telling about his youth that really doesn't connect with the meat of the story--his art forging experience.

The first half of the book could be summed up as he was a disengaged youth, unsure of what to do with his life until he happened upon art forgery. The second half of the book reads more as arrogant boasting than truthful story telling. While I still found the story compelling, I wonder how much is truth and how much is an embellishment of the truth.

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? An engaging moral conundrum. Which scene was your favorite? If you could give Caveat Emptor a new subtitle, what would it be?