Cathexis: Necromancers Dagger

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The characters are well developed with a great flowing story line. This series rivals The Lord of the Rings and Dune! I cant put them down! Apr 30, Ltgoody rated it it was amazing. I also came by this book by chance and I loved it. The whole series is encapsulating. I couldn't put the books down and read them all back to back in a week. I highly recommend this series for anyone who likes necromancers, magic, and swords all included in a thrilling adventure.

I first came across the works of Philip Blood with his Nexlord series.

Level 126 Barbarian killing Grinender (Level 123 boss)

Like in the Nexlord series the story centers around friends, loyalty and family. The plot of this series is both interesting and complex with interesting twists and turns which allows the reader to easily become engaged. Like in his Nexlord series Philip Blood created an interesting magic system that is logical but still fantastic which spurs the reader's imagination in what could be possible with it.

The cast of character is I first came across the works of Philip Blood with his Nexlord series. The cast of character is quite large and so this is an epic tale. One can also see the influences of Frank Hebert's Dune series has on the book but it has its own individuality that keeps it from feeling like a clone, so if you are a fan of Frank Herbert then this series is for you. The World Gate Frostborn 9. The Third Soul Omnibus One. The God-Stone War Book 4. The Broken Mage Frostborn 8. The Gorgon Spirit Frostborn 7.

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