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Most of these tales are passed from generation to generation.

He dressed all in black and rode a black horse and was a stern-faced, well-dressed man who harmed no-one. Although his description does vary from place to place, he is usually a huge creature, covered in hair with long, claw-like nails.

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He sometimes has red eyes and gold teeth and is fond of mischief. Washerwomen claim he bewitches girls with music and tricks. He is also said to guard ancient treasures in his underground palace and his appearance heralds the arrival of floods, earthquakes and plagues. You may enjoy: Five Colombians neighborhoods you must visit.

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The patasola One-Legged Woman lives in dense jungle and is especially feared by miners, hunters, farmers, hikers and loggers — not least for the pace with which she moves through the jungle on just one leg. Some say the patasola appears as a beauty who entices men into her lair then traps them as an ugly, wild-eyed woman.

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Others say she attracts men by screaming for help before transforming into a murderous, blood-sucking beast. Men supposedly tell the story of the patasola to frighten their wives into being faithful and also instill a wariness of the jungle. It is thought the story originated in Tolima.

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The llorona Wailer is a wandering woman who carries a child through the streets. Some legends say she screams for aid, but anyone who carries the infant inherits the curse to become the new llorona. Fans of the myth shared their disappointment on Twitter that Cardellini had been cast in the lead instead of a Latina actress. WHY TF!?

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My wela [grandma] scared crap out of me as a kid with this story. My wela scared crap out of me as a kid with this story. This trailer is BS and I am tired.

Stop white washing Mexican culture. I was scared of it for decades. BUT we need a social worker to tell this story? Neither a rep for Warner Bros.