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He and Laura were great friends and they ran around in the same circles. Out of sheer obedience to the authority of his parents, he never pursued a relationship with her. Can you imagine that kind of humility? His priorities.

Giorgio had his priorities in check. His first aim was his spiritual life and evangelization, followed by the his family, then by his studies, and fun time with his friends. As spontaneous and wild as he was, there was also a very certain order to his days. He made sure that all his bases were covered because he knew that it pleased God. His whole focus was on loving the Lord better, and he was able to foster this love by keeping himself in check. His compassion. Frassati is perhaps known best for his love for the poor.

He was so dedicated to serving them.

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But he did more than that. He became friends with the poor. He spent quality time getting to know them and having fun with them. Frassati put no barriers between himself and the poorest of the poor. They were not too lowly for him. Instead, he desired to share in their most intimate and intense sufferings, which he literally did at the end of his life. His silent suffering.

When Giorgio was 24 years old, he contracted polio from one the poor he ministered to and died three days later. At the time he began feeling ill, his grandmother was also dying. They simply thought Giorgio had a fever and told him to rest until he felt better. Understanding the grief that his entire family was going through over the loss of his grandmother, he suffered silently for three days under the yoke of polio, a disease that slowly paralyzes its victims.

It was only in the final hours of his life that his family realized the severity of his condition. By then, it was too late. On his way there, his immense pain caused him to fall down three times. Sound familiar? His concern was first and foremost for the wellbeing of his family. He put himself last, suffering in silence until his final breath and glorious entrance into the heavenly party.

10 Reasons to Love Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

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Bl. Pier-Giorgio Frassati

Derek Rotty 6 months ago. Most Shared. All rights reserved. He often went to the theater, to the opera, and to museums. He loved art and music, and could quote whole passages of the poet Dante.

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Fondness for the epistles of St. Paul sparked his zeal for fraternal charity, and the fiery sermons of the Renaissance preacher and reformer Girolamo Savonarola and the writings of St. He chose the name Girolamo after his personal hero, Savonarola. Like his father, he was strongly anti-Fascist and did nothing to hide his political views. He physically defended the faith at times involved in fights, first with anticlerical Communists and later with Fascists. Just before receiving his university degree, Pier Giorgio contracted poliomyelitis, which doctors later speculated he caught from the sick whom he tended.

Neglecting his own health because his grandmother was dying, after six days of terrible suffering Pier Giorgio died at the age of 24 on July 4, His last preoccupation was for the poor. On the eve of his death, with a paralyzed hand he scribbled a message to a friend, asking him to take the medicine needed for injections to be given to Converso, a poor sick man he had been visiting.

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The streets of the city were lined with a multitude of mourners who were unknown to his family -- the poor and the needy whom he had served so unselfishly for seven years. Many of these people, in turn, were surprised to learn that the saintly young man they knew had actually been the heir of the influential Frassati family. When I was a young man, I, too, felt the beneficial influence of his example and, as a student, I was impressed by the force of his testimony.

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On May 20, , in St. His mortal remains, found completely intact and incorrupt upon their exhumation on March 31, , were transferred from the family tomb in Pollone to the cathedral in Turin. Many pilgrims, especially students and the young, come to the tomb of Blessed Frassati to seek favors and the courage to follow his example.

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