Attack of the giant bugs!

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They are loud, they are big often around an inch long , and they are everywhere right now. These audacious beetles even made an appearance on live TV over the weekend: Fig beetles are gorgeous, metallic-green beetles in the family Scarabaeidae, commonly known as scarab beetles. As visually striking as these large beetles are, it is the fact that they are literally striking folks around L.

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Why do they keep attacking us? And why are there so many of them?

Attack Of The Giant Bugs - Let's Play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [Gameplay/Commentary] - Ep.10

First off, the fig beetles are NOT actually attacking. Even when they fly directly into the side of your face when you are walking across an open lawn.

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  • Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. This item has been added to your Favorites. File Size. Yet what goes around comes around in terms of the food chain, Swart adds—giant water bugs often fall prey to larger fish, ducks, and possibly raccoons or turtles.

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    Some people also eat them fried or boiled in Southeast Asia. As scary as water bugs sound, their status as top-shelf predators means they are key to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Water pollution can harm their populations, and alien species such as crayfish and bullfrogs can prey on water bugs. Read why insect populations are plummeting—and why it matters.

    That means scientists should work to ensure clean, invasive-free fresh water for these crucial species, Ohba says.

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    Read Caption. A giant water bug, Lethocerus deyrollei , attacks a fish in Saitama, Japan.

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    • Giant water bugs eat turtles, ducklings, and even snakes A fearless aquatic predator emerges from a new study compiling decades of research.