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Don't get me wrong, Pinterest is a great place to look for classroom ideas, but posters and bulletin boards are only as effective as the teacher who uses them. Clay, what does carpet dude mean?

How to Set up Your Classroom for the First Day of School

That said, posters and bulletin boards can be an awesome way to invest your students so long as you make sure to refer to and update them regularly. For student work boards, this is really easy if you use sheet protectors, which can also be used as whiteboards by sticking a piece of paper in them great for class mastery trackers. A great source of ideas of how to arrange your desks, how to cover up those huge white walls in your classroom, or what kind of tape sticks the best to your walls is to go see what other teachers in your school do.

This is also a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues. Prioritize what goes up front.

7 Pathways to Better Classroom Productivity

Students spend most of the day facing the front of class. As such, be deliberate about what you put on the front wall. This is a great place to put important information, such as your classroom rules, consequences, big goal, motto, etc. That said, be careful not to make it too distracting. Minimize clutter. Classroom clutter can easily distract students.

There scientific studies to support this — something about how multiple stimuli present in your visual field compete with one another for your attention, which limits your neural capacity. Regardless, minimize clutter as much as possible in your room to make your life easier. Create an effective filing system. Designate where students should turn in work and where they should put materials.

7 Things You Need to Know About the New Google Classroom

A little clutter is okay. The set-up of your classroom is bound to change. If you are unsure about how to arrange your desks, where to put a certain bulletin board, or how to organize your whiteboard space, pick a way and run with it. I was, and still am, constantly adjusting my classroom set-up to make it more efficient.

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Setting Up Your Classroom

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Such a great post! The same goes for buying materials…many of my cute little posters and things are now in the closet.

Oh well, now I know! Thank you for sharing. Metal letter trays that lock together. Cheap fabric for bulletin boards. Fabric can be cut to size no boarders needed , fading is much slower if at all , does not show staple holes, and can be used for years. If needed, a quick wash will refresh it. USB Hub. I learned quickly to avoid patterned bulletin board borders because they ended up never quite matching. Stick to the plain colors. Instead I would buy seasonal decorations that would last longer i. Also, the BEST place to get used books for your classroom is public library book sales. The books are often in great shape, they just have to make room for new ones on the shelf.

They are also often covered with plastic book jackets that help them hold up longer. You can also find great nonfiction titles that really appeal to the boys and reluctant readers. Almost all public libraries have a book sale area or an annual event and the prices are near garage sale ones. After 25 years of teaching, I know not to buy little stickers and toys as prize giveaways. The most popular prize in my class is bringing a stuffed animal from home and letting it sit on your desk for the whole day.


Great tips! I just moved to a 3rd-5th resource room.

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Things to buy: dry erase markers-they often have great back to school deals. Yes, I asked parents for them at the beginning of the year and got some, but with kids using them, we seem to go though them so quickly!

Storage Solutions:

There are definitely some great back-to-school deals for dry erase markers! Thanks for mentioning it. Using something with a print, such as fabric, can actually be visually distracting. I also like to snap a picture of any bulletin boards, displays, or systems that work so I remember to use them again.

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Also, it helps to keep a post-it or two stuck on my filing cabinet to jot down items I need to put on my end of year purchase order as I think of them. They also have them aligned with Common Core. Laminate them to make them last awhile. Lisa, I used centers from that site in my classroom a long time ago! It is a good resource! However, the centers have not been updated in nearly 10 years and are not aligned with CCSS or even the new Florida standards. In the spirit of this post , I would caution teachers not to download hundreds of centers just because they are free, but to instead choose a few items with intention and look for what is going to be the best set of tools for their students.

What to buy for your classroom and what not to Classroom Management, Uncategorized,. Angela Watson Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom, plus over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. Discussion 26 Comments. July 31, Angela Watson. August 2, Cynthia Shipley. July 22, September 7, August 1, July 3, Miss B, Busy Bee. August 20,