A Fate Worse than Debt

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The book will make readers sit up and consider what is happening in the world and how organisations are having a negative impact on the development of some countries. This book is a great read for anyone looking to understand the economic reasons for global inequality and third world debt. Sitemap Privacy policy Terms and conditions.

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Connect with us. Share Tweet. Political and social scientist Susan George considers the third world debt crisis and looks at how and why the global wealth gap is continuing to wider in her book, A Fate Worse Than Debt.

A Fate worse than debt

Up Next Film review: Planet in Peril I say that it is time for the Fed to allow the system to "flush" itself and allow some of these banks to start failing. Yes, it will more than likely cause a deep recession, but all the Fed is doing now is delaying the inevitable and allowing bad debt and bad bets to be made on top of bad debts and bad bets.

Despite studying economics in college, macro, micro and nano, but I must admit I find the entire subject baffling. However, I do know this:. Let's hope for justice sake that the fear is justified and the whole thing is not just some manipulation by Lehman It's not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, it's just that Wall Street has proven itself worthy of no better assumptions Buttonwood A fate worse than debt.

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See article. Readers' comments Reader comments are listed below. Sort: Newest first Oldest first Readers' most recommended. Of Banking-industry woes, Credit market blues, Ponzi schemes And these guys were at Capitol Hill begging for more powers.

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Yeah, right. Sirs: Despite studying economics in college, macro, micro and nano, but I must admit I find the entire subject baffling. However, I do know this: Illegitamatus noncarborendum. Not sure of the spelling.

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Most Americans know from personal experience that high credit card debt is bad for their financial health. A new study by an Ohio State University research team shows that it may be just as bad for their physical and mental health. The reason? Furthermore, people with a high proportion of their income tied up in credit card debt reported that they were in poorer physical health.

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